The interdental revolution!

Closed-mouth cleaning of interdental spaces?! Simpler and more effective than ever thanks to the paro®slider!
The innovative paro®slider makes tedious efforts to locate spaces between teeth with interdental brushes a thing of the past, enabling easier and more effective closed-mouth cleaning of interdental spaces than ever before.

The soft, anatomically designed, cup-shaped paro®slider enables you to easily feel the interdental space. Gently moving the anti-slip button back and forth allows the interdental brush to slide smoothly into the space.

One paro®slider
does it all

Together with dentists and dental hygienists, paro® engineers developed an innovative and unique system for cleaning interdental spaces over several years.

The paro®slider can also be used for cleaning braces as well as implant-crowns and -bridges.

thorough care

For a simple start

This innovative system can be combined in a variety of ways:

paro®slider Starter Kit
consisting of a paro®slider
incl. 3 XS interdental brushes
Art. 1030

Refill packs

paro®slider interdental brushes Size XS
(Ø0.4 mm I Ø1.9 mm ) – 6 pieces
Art. 1031
paro®slider interdental brushes Size S
(Ø0.4 mm I Ø2.5 mm ) – 6 pieces
Art. 1032
paro®slider interdental brushes Size M
(Ø0.4 mm I Ø2.7 - 3.4 mm ) – 6 pieces
Art. 1033


The paro®slider and comprehensive paro® prophylaxis system are recommended by dentists and dental hygienists. Available in service-oriented pharmacies.

The innovative paro®slider is being presented from 21 to 25 March 2017 at the IDS in Cologne and will then be available from your local paro® partner.


Swiss Specialized Oral Care

paro® is where dental care meets Swiss innovation. The result is a globally unique prophylaxis system with numerous items in the areas of “Dental and oral care”, “Toothbrushes” and “Interdental care”.

Swiss Made

paro® products are produced by Esro AG in Kilchberg, Zurich in accordance with the utmost care for your well-being.

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